When a local bicycle store was setting up shop, they wanted a unique identity to set them apart from the existing bike shops. Here are the approved logos, horizontal and stacked.

The Design Process

I started by researching the logo design and branding of the other local bike shops. Without exception, they were all very technical-looking. I opted for a more friendly and playful design to match the unique personality of the shop owner.

Identity Design

Example business cards incorporating the horizontal and stacked versions. Black, white and yellow are great colors to work with. Selected by the client.

Responsive Website

Given that cycling is an active and mobile pastime, a mobile-responsive website was a must.

I designed a straightforward and clean one-page website to inform and educate the bike shop customers.

Brand Apparel

Word of mouth advertising and shop loyalty are an important part of the Cycle Werks business strategy.  T-shirt designs help spread the word.

I designed the cycling shorts and jerseys, called a cycling “kit”, for the Cycle Werks club and team. It’s a pleasure to see my design show up on social media from all areas of the Globe!

A recent color update replaces the original yellow with a day-glow yellow.

Mobile Bike Shop

In 2017, Cycle Werks rolled out their “mobile bike shop”.  The black Mercedes sprinter van needed to be dressed out in the Cycle Werks brand.

From customer-supplied vehicle photos, I created a properly-scaled design for vinyl lettering.

From logo to website, apparel, water bottles and vehicles, the Cycle Werks branding conveys a unified message to current and potential customers.