This is what my clients, coworkers and peers have to say about me, my work and my personality.
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Chairman and founder of Shoes For Crews, LLC.
Steve was always a reliable and hard working Team Member. He’s got a creative style that is very engaging and effective in website and social media environments. Steve improved the creative of the Shoes For Crews website and Mobile Web Site tremendously.

Matthew K Smith

Executive Vice President and General Manager at Shoes For Crews, LLC.
Steve worked for me when I was CMO of Shoes For Crews. In addition to being a really loyal guy who will do anything for me and the company, he has a great combination of creative ability and technical skill. He is a student of the latest in social media and web marketing and a really versatile person to have on your team.

Bryan Clarke

eCommerce Director at Shoes For Crews, LLC.
Steve is a truly diverse, creative talent with a passion for cutting-edge technology. I’ve seen him work with a wide array of mediums, catching any challenge that was thrown at him and consistently delivering great results. His high energy level and positive attitude always make it fun to work and laugh with him. I enjoyed many years of successes with Steve working together at Shoes For Crews.

Jesse Price

User Experience Designer at Booking.com
I worked under Steve’s management for many years. Over those years, he has brought the best out of me as a designer by teaching me various skills in design and business. It was an honor to work with Steve and he would be an asset to any organization.

Andrew Slifkin

 Sr Graphic Designer and Photographer at Green Group Studio.
Steve is one of the most energetic and hard-working people I know. His approach in the work that he does is meticulous and purposeful. He’s professional, charismatic, and a pleasure to work with.

Belinda Arozarena

Quality Assurance & Training Manager Shoes For Crews, LLC.
Steve is my beacon and constant inspiration to be better, more creative and open to new ideas. His positive perspective and approach immediately influences those he encounters. He wears brand loyalty proudly for all to see. He can readily embrace ideas of others to create shared vision and a strong sense of espirit de corps.

Kimberly Johnson

Sales and Marketing Manager for Protech Medical, Inc.
Steve is very professional and detail oriented. His work was very fast and efficient. We hired him a for a number of projects and always have a great experience. He presented to us some very innovative ideas for an interactive catalog for our website, providing a sample which was quite impressive. We will be using Steve on many future projects and highly recommend his work!

Heather McKelvey

Web Designer at Shoes For Crews, LLC.
Whether it was helping others with problem solving, offering creative input where needed, or simply being there to listen; Steve encapsulated what I felt was the ultimate set of well-rounded qualities. I don’t anticipate him ever being anything less than a leader.

It’s rare to find people as creative, driven and outgoing as Steve. Anyone can be an asset to an organization, but not many will inspire the way Steve can.

Brandon Youngblood

Executive Vice President at TricorBraun
As head of sales I worked with Steve closely on a number of critical marketing technology projects. What impressed me most about Steve was his calm and poised demeanor in dealing with complex assignments under tight deadlines. Steve has a “can-do” attitude which created a team of loyal followers who respect him for his creativity, optimism and his willingness to roll up his sleeves. Incredibly honest and trustworthy, he was always committed to doing what was right for the business and for our customers.

Jim Dugan

Graphic Designer, Art Director and Fine Artist
Steve is a diligent and strategic problem solver. I would say “intense” to describe his creativity. He doesn’t give up until he executes. I worked with him for 5 years and was always impressed with his ability as a designer, especially his logo work, and his ability to switch gears into web and still stay on top of project management.
He is great to work with and a professional asset to any business.

Joanne Slattery