When Shoes For Crews wanted to enter the premium work book market, among the likes of Wolverine and Caterpillar, they tasked me with creating the identity for the new brand.

The Design Process

The Shoes For Crews founders and C-Suite wanted ACE to represent the pinnacle/top. Alternate definitions such as the face card or air force designations were off limits. Above you can see my design inspiration illustrated.


An important part of any identity design is the packaging and product branding. I designed the outsole lockup, hang tags and shoe box as part of a complete system.


Early on, I knew that the ACE Work Boots identity would be used on the product embossed and debossed. The logo elements were designed with that in mind.


The angles and the colors of the ACE Work Boot brand provided many design opportunities for catalog elements.


Ace Work Boots was initially launched as a microsite, due to the various retail and B2B price levels.

eCommerce brand portal

The original sub-brand portal for Ace Workboots.

See the latest ACE Workboots website design as part of the Shoes For Crews rebranding and ACE Work Boots product update.  Featuring my original identity, elements and color scheme. www.aceworkboots.com